The Perfect Fairy Princess Party

Planning a birthday party for your own little fairy princess? Just follow these easy steps! Remember that you can't plan your party in a day, or even a week - so be sure to get started at least 2 months in advance. (I'm already planning our Perfect Pirate Party for October!)

Step 1: The Theme

Your kiddo is probably already telling you what theme she wants - for this tutorial we're going with Fairy Princesses. You've got to have your theme before you can do anything else! :)

Step 2: The Invitations

I wrote about the invitations a while back, but here's another picture. The ones I sent out didn't have the extra bling that Chloe's has. :)

Your time line is important if you are making invitations. You want to mail them out at least 3 weeks from the date of the party, so that means you need to start making them at least 4 weeks out from the event. And so you'll have to buy your materials at least that far out, or longer if you are ordering (say from your favorite Stampin' Up! demonstrator who will also help you put together an awesome design!). So get your theme idea ready way ahead of time!!

This invitation is a postcard style - it doesn't open up like a card, you just flip it over for the information (save your card stock!). The wording reads:

It's a Fairy Princess Party
(but Frog Princess can come, too).
The Meadow will be blooming
with many things to do.
We hope that you will join us
to laugh, eat, and play.
At the Royal Celebration of
Princess Chloe's Fifth Birthday!

And then it has the details (time, location, etc.)

Step 3: The tableware

You can stick with solid colors for the most cost effective table ware - places like Party City often have them on sale (shop throughout the year - you can find pretty pastels on sale after Easter, cute hearts after Valentine's Day, etc). We found ours in the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby - only $.99 for each pack of 8! They didn't have any of the matching elements, but we just got solid colored napkins in our theme colors from a party store.

For drinks you can always go with the steady standby of juice boxes, but we wanted to have punch in an elegant bowl, so I found these adorable plastic champagne glasses at our local HEB for only $3.99 for a bag of 24! I added the little princess crown to each one for some extra flair.

Step 4: The Food

Food is one of the most important things at a party! Sometimes it's hard to stick with your theme in this area, but as long as the food is good it's okay. :)

Our party was from 2-4 so we wouldn't be serving a meal (important to consider - if your party is from 10-12 you might serve a light lunch, if it's from 11-1 you will have to serve a full lunch, 4-6 will need a full dinner, etc). But, we wanted to have lots of Fairy Princess themed snacks. So, we had Princess Punch (baby shower staple: sherbet and lemon-lime soda) with maraschino cherries to add to the top. We had Fruit Wands with fruit dip (so yummy - cream cheese, yogurt, and cool whip). We also made Magic Pretzel Wands (candy-dipped pretzel sticks sprinkled with sugar crystals) - but I forgot to put them out! Oops! We also had carrot and celery sticks with spinach/dill dip and chips and queso. The Fruit Wands were a big hit!

Step 5: Accessories

No fairy princess would ever be seen without her magic wand, so we had one available for each guest. I found them online for only $.30 each and shipping was only $2! The girls LOVED them.

We didn't do a pinata this time, but each guest was allowed to decorate a goody bag (white lunch sacks $1.99 for 40) with stickers (from my stash) and colored pencils. This was a nice "cool down" activity as the party was winding down. After they decorated their bags they got to select items from the treasure stash.

We had four Frog Princes in attendance, so they got squirty frogs and blow-up swords ($1.50 each from a party store) which kept them occupied the entire time. We'll be getting more of these for our Pirate Party this fall!

The first thing the guests did when they arrived was make their Princess or Prince crowns. The princess sets came with 6 crowns, foam letters and bling, and a carrying tote for $3.99. I made the prince crowns by altering foam visors (on sale for $.22 each). I also provided plastic self-adhesive gems for some added glitz. Everyone had fun making their crowns.

Step 6: The Decorations

We had a lot of fun decorating - and although it took some time, it looked lovely. We had 4 rolls of streamers (2/$1 at a party store), several balloons, and a lot of card stock from my stash. We made the big flowers for the walls with my new SU! Circle Scissor Plus and retiring Kiwi Kiss ribbon. My niece and I made 10 of them to have around the party areas. I bought a helium tank at a discount store for only $18 and only used 1/3 of the helium, so we'll have plenty for the next couple of parties. My niece also did all the streamers - she decorated the railings, fire place, columns... pretty much if it was still, she decorated it.

Step 6: The Cake

Let's face it, store bought cakes are expensive. You are going to spend at least $30 if you buy a cake from the store - even if you buy it from a grocery store. If you go to a bakery it's going to cost triple that or more!! So, we made cupcakes. I bought 2 boxes of cake mix ($.89 each), 4 tubs of icing ($1 each), 1 box of sugar cones ($1.99), and some yummies for decoration (m&ms, cinnamon hots, and sprinkles). I made Chloe's castle cake:

And then we laid out the supplies for each guest to make his/her own castle cupcake! This was MESSY, but a lot of fun!

Step 7: The Outfit

We just used one of my niece's old Easter dresses, added dress-up shoes and wings, and did her hair in a pretty bun. I added bobby pins with rhinestones on the ends to give her hair a little extra sparkle. You could do something as simple as jeans and a cute t-shirt (with wording that says "I'm the Princess") or a sundress.


All the princesses had a wonderful time. So did the princes, but they aren't in the picture because they were beating each other with swords.

I wonder what we'll do next year! In the meantime, I have to figure out how to make treasure maps for Bradley's party.


Sarah said…
Love your b-day party ideas! I am planning my daughter's 3rd birthday party for this summer and it's going to be fairies/princesses. I love the fruit want idea!
Barbara said…
Awesome ideas! Thanks for sharing. Where did you find wands for $0.30? I would love to get some of those/
Victoria Mische said…
Love your ideas! Stunning and I can see that you are really passionate on table decorating! Thanks for spreading this excellent ideas! Thumbs up!

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