Precious Blog Award

I got this award last week from Kristine, but I was so busy with staff development the first 3 days, and planning and executing Chloe's party the rest of the week I didn't have time to add it to my blog.

I am so blessed to get this award, "The Exalting Christ Blog Award" from my sweet crafting friend. Even though we only know each other "online" I wish we lived next door to each other! She's the kind of person who sends RAKS just because - and even sent my mom the sweetest card when she had fallen and broken three ribs! Be sure to visit her blog if you haven't because her art will blow you away. :)

This blog award is given to bloggers who consistently exalt the name of Christ on their blogs. What a joy to see crafters blend their passion for Christ and paper crafting. This award is given to bloggers who share Christ through their posts or through the design of their artwork. We are commanded in Scripture to be 'salt and light' sharing the Good News of Jesus no matter where we are (Matthew 5:13-16). This award is just a way members of Women to Women: Sharing Jesus can say thanks for exalting Christ with us!


  1. Post the blog award in a regular post on your blog with the explanation, including the original link to WTW and the rules for passing the award along.
  2. Name five people (more or less is fine!) to whom you want to offer this award and link to their blogs. The blogs need to obviously exalt Christ in some manner.
  3. Contact the bloggers you have named to let them know they can pick up their blog award from you.
  4. Invite them to permanently display the WTW blog badge and/or the award on their blogs.
So, here are my 5 blogging sisters who exalt Christ, even on their blogs! :)

  1. Courtney. She is just as sweet as can be and is always ready to give encouragement. She has a daily Bible verse up and a link if anyone would like to know more about her faith.
  2. Becca. One look at her work and you can see that God gave her an extra measure of talent! She is incredibly gifted and uses her art to bring glory to God.
  3. Taylor. From her weekly challenges, to her amazing stamps she is always quick to give praise to God for her successes.
  4. Jamie. She's not a crafter, but she wants to be! She is just an amazingly honest mom willing to share her joys and trials so that we can all grow together. I :heart: her.
  5. Crystal. I'm new to her blog, but so far I really like it. She's a scrapbooker and her style is spectacular!
So now it's up to them to spread the encouragement!


Courtney said…
awwww, thank you, Abra! You are the sweetest thing ever! I am honored.
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for the award! This one is especially meaningful and I am honored that you thought of me!
Lori Hurst said…
What a nice award to get!

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