Our own Splatter Platter

What's a Splatter Platter?

Well, when I was a little girl my mom had a Special Day plate. It was big, and bright white with brilliant red lettering which read "Your Special Day" in a fancy script. We were allowed to use the Special Plate on our birthdays. That was it. And, boy, did we feel special when we were allowed that precious day!

A few weeks ago when I ran my booth at the Gingerbread Market, I met another small business owner, Erin Haggard. Erin is a delight to talk with - full of joy and creative ideas. Her business is Splatter Platters. Click HERE for her website. She hand paints special occasion ceramic. From platters commemorating weddings, favorite sports teams, and special days...to name plates, welcome plaques. Pretty much you are only limited to the combined imaginations of you and Erin. And I can guarantee that her imagination is wild! :)

Here is the plate she custom made for our very own family Special Day Plate. A few of the samples she had on display had a lot of red and green - which poor Chloe can't see. So, I asked specifically for something with a lot of yellow and blue. Didn't she do great?

We put the plate up on our plate rack in the kitchen and the kids were in awe - they immediately tried to figure out who was going to get to use the plate first!

Check out her website and give her a call! You, too, can have your very own Splatter Platter. And really, just getting to say Splatter Platter is totally worth the call! :)


~cHaNnOne~ said…
We TOTALLY had a "special plate" reserved for birthdays when I was growing up! My mother still takes it out and I am 28 years old and married! I think my husband and I will have to invest in one too! Thanks for the info!

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