Fleece = good

Even though I was sick and pitiful last week I did manage to get a couple of projects done.

Every year my kids take a Christmas photo with their cousins (my sister's kids) and we give a large print to my mom for Christmas. One year we had the kids in matching holiday dressy-dress clothes, another year we did candy cane stripey pajamas. This year the kids are wearing jeans, white turtle necks, and these:

Everyone gets their own warm fleece scarf. Alyssa's is first (she's 1), then Bradley (3), Chloe (4), Alec (6), and Alexis (10) (yes, my sister's kids all start with "A" - her husband has 4 siblings and they all start with "K"). I sewed them all over two days last week, with plenty of naps in between.

The most hilarious thing was Bradley wanted to be near me the whole time I was sewing. He just played with his trains on the floor as I sewed away. Once I was done he asked me to keep sewing - I thought he liked being close to me while I was working. I told him that I was done and we could go snuggle and he just stared at my sewing machine.

"I want the train noise again!" he whined. Yeah. So, he didn't want to be with me, my sewing machine just makes a rockin' train "chugga chugga."

The other thing I made (with TONS of help from Leslie! Thank you!!!!) was the window treatment for our living room. The window has been naked since we moved in, and now I'm nearly done with the treatment after one year of living here! I still have to do the grommets, but the actual sewing and creating and such is all done. So, that will be my goal the first couple of days of Christmas break - paint my kitchen and hang my new drapes. I'll post a pic then!

Right now I'm knee deep in Christmas gifts and scattered craft supplies, so I am going to go tidy for a bit before bed. Tomorrow I'll post a pic of the Christmas cards I'm making for my mom! I hope she loves them! :)


Elaine said…
Sorry you were out of it last week! The scarves are just darling! I wish I would have thought to make those!

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