I think I'm ready for tomorrow. The first day of school always makes me nervous - and I don't even have a class this year! It's just all the excitement, newness, wonder... All those emotions get all tangled up and bounce around in my stomach the day before school starts. Once I actually get to school and get working things are always fine - I LOVE what I do. I am really going to miss having my own class, but I know I am going to enjoy leading this wonderful team of teachers.

I made this today to put on my desk as a reminder to everyone else I work with that this is something that I believe and want to share with them. I used the new SU! Big Shot, new SU! paper, and new SU! card stock! I finally had some time to play with some of my new SU! products - though I haven't even had a moment to put the stamps together.

But I didn't have too much time to play, because I had to do a dress rehearsal (and a lot of ironing for the entire week's worth of uniforms) for this little darling...

Watch out, Pre-K, Chloe Beth is ready for school!


thank you for your kind comment on my blog :-)
i loved to read something personal from you.

your card is wonderful. i do have this set also and love it very much.
Elaine said…
So grown up! What a sweet darling!
Courtney said…
Awwwww! I Love this saying. Absolutely true!

And, Chloe is just a doll!

I'm nervous today, too. Vivian is in first grade! Ak!
hi leah..
thanks for your sweet comment yesterday
Awww...she's soo adorable!! :) I know what you mean. I used to teach at the Middle School and each day made me nervous. So, I take it you are feeling much better?

I LOVE this thing you put in the frame! Love that set, you colors, that saying!! (and I LOVE Anne of Green Gables--my all time favorite movie series!!)

God Bless!

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