Caught a bug

And not the fun Cuttle variety. My husband, son, and I are not pleasant company right now - what with the fever, coughing, congestion, and general grumpiness. Especially considering that Tuesday I went back to work full time. Oh, and did I mention I also had to do more allergy testing, and a 3-hour glucose tolerance test on Wednesday?

I DID get my new SU! order placed on Monday, AND it has already shipped so I'm really excited about that. Hopefully I'll get to play with some things this weekend. And, I got a really sweet RAK yesterday from Kristine, just because she is lovely. You can actually see it on her blog. :)

I've got to go get ready for work and find some medicine! I hope everyone has a fantastic day - I am quite certain it will be better than mine!!! :)


OH NO!! So sorry you all are miserable right now, and the timing sounds like a bummer too, BUT, this too shall pass...Hope it's VERY SOON! I went through allergy testing before summer and I was allergic to 52 out of 56 things! I was sure that I'd be on shots, but ya know what? They gave me a "miracle pill" called Allegra. Claritin and even Zirtec wouldn't work, but this worked SOOO WEEELL!! I highly suggest it (if you can afford it or have really good insurance!) I have to pay $75/mo. for a generic, and that's after our insurance.

How exciting to get an SU! order soon!! I still haven't gone onto SU's website to see the new stuff. I've actually ordered a couple things here and there and still havent' inked them up, so no more orders til I do!!

Well, hope work goes well for you--once you get all better! Hugs!
THANKS SOOO MUCH...I just got my package in the mail today! WOW--you are really very thoughtful and generous. Thanks so much for the beautiful catty, and all the images and adorable little card you made--I LOVE IT!! You really blessed my day and made me feel very special, so THANK YOU! (again, lol) =) {{BIG HUGS}}

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