Monthly Recipe Card Swap - July 2009

***This is a sticky! It will be up until the Swapper spots are full or until it closes on July 10th Scroll down for other content!***

Howdy, Swappers! Here are the rules:

These cards should be your best work - they will be part of treasured albums and I expect to see high quality. If you send poorly made cards I will return them - we have high standards! :) Look at my other samples (click the Recipe Cards link in my sidebar) to see what I mean. They don't have to be full of embellishments or overly complicated, but they have to look good and be made with quality materials.

Recipe Card base needs to be GOOD, thick card stock (Stampin' Up!, Paper Trey Ink, etc) - we don't want flimsy cards! The cards are 6"x6".

Each card needs to have at LEAST 2 layers - use Nesties, patterned paper, card stock layers.

Each card needs to have at LEAST 1 embellishment (brads, ribbon, bling...etc).

And, of course, you need to include a recipe according the theme of the month!

Please only use one side of the card - most people put them back-to-back in the album sleeves. You can, though, put your contact info (name, blog, etc) on the back. Please, also, give credit on the back if the recipe is not your own (or your family's).

Sign-ups close on July 10th and the swaps are due to me by August 10th. Email me to sign up - the first 12 people to email will be allowed in the swap. Once everyone is signed up I'll email you the final count. I'll also email you my address so you know where to send the swaps. Each month the swap will re-open, so if you don't get in on the first one you can get in on the next one!

You need to put them in a protected mailer and you might consider putting them in a large plastic baggie inside the mailer so that they don't get wet (just in case!).

Everyone will make however many sign up. I'd like to have at least 10 people per month - so share with your friends!

The theme for July is Grilling. It's still too hot to get the oven going, so share your great BBQ recipes - fish, chicken, veggies, whatever you love to toss on the grill.

I can't wait to get started!


1. Me
2. Kristine Breach
3. Peggy Paszkiewicz
4. Debbie Pamment
5. Erin Nicholas
6. Katherine Winter


Hi there! I got my swaps back...but I didnt' get one of my own back, and neither did Kathy. We were asked to make 6 and I see there are 6 signed up, so I assumed when we sent 6 in, we would get 6 back. At least that's how it worked the month before. ??? Just curious what happened? Thanks!

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