Everyone loves SU! Punches!

I know *I* do, but did you know that they are great for exercising the fine motor skills of your 4-6 year-olds? :)

All you need is some SU! punches, scrap paper, a glue stick, and a piece of 12 x 12 card stock.

Chloe likes to punch out the pieces and then sort them by color into different bowls.

Then just have your kiddo use a glue stick (we use the kind that starts purple and then disappears) to draw on the 12 x 12 piece of card stock. Chloe wanted to do a frame on this one - but you could have your child practice writing numbers, letters, or simple shapes. Then, have him/her add the punches pieces to the glue outline.

Chloe wanted to add some pictures of her baby gerbils, so I printed them out on plain white card stock and she glued them to her picture.

Cute, huh? AND it took her over an hour! You can have some YOU time to stamp, sew, cook dinner, use the restroom ALONE. The possibilities are limitless! Whatever punched pieces are left over we put into a cute tin (you can use a plain ol' plastic bag) and save for the next project. And, I'll admit, I've raided her stash before when I needed a quick embellishment! Shh!

Bradley, by the way, wants nothing to do with punches but he did use several sheets of retired SU! card stock to make a race track for Lightning McQueen.

Whatever keeps 'em busy!!


Heather P. said…
Look at those sweet little gerbils! I LOVE what Chloe made... Such a fun project!
Awww...what an adorable li'l girl she is and she made a TERRIFIC page!! I can imagine how much fun she had with those punches :)

Thanks again Abra for hosting the recipe swap. They were all fantastic swaps!! Need to start on my Grillin' ones but I've got VBS this coming week and 3 DTs to catch up on! EEEKS...hope I can get them done in time. I see you did 2 this round! :) WOW...you were busy! LOL. I'm gonna have to try out these recipes some time. Could you please give me the link again where you got those 6x6 albums please?? THANKS!! Have a great weekend.

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