Monday evening I thought I was coming down with a sinus infection, so I went to the doctor and he prescribed some antibiotics. Tuesday I felt okay in the morning, but was getting tired by the afternoon. I was exhausted by the time for our normal Wrangling the Children to Bed routine. I even fell asleep in Chloe's bed while Mike was finishing up with the kids' bath.

(aside: isn't that great? Mike always does the bath while I lay out the clothes and just relax for a bit. In the morning I make breakfast and he gets them dressed (I do hair). That's why I was nuts when he was in England! And, also why I will forgive him for the following...)

Mike thought it was funny, so he took a picture. Ha ha. My first question was, You took a picture of me while my children were in the bath ready to drown while not attended?! But, he took it after they were out of the bath and doing the potty routine, so no call for a hangin'.

Well, after the kids were down I put myself to bed only to wake up a couple of hours later with a horrible bout of nausea. Which continued every couple of hours. All. Night. Long. I finally got some Zofran from Urgent Care and that calmed it down some. The rest of my Wednesday was spent in bed, hoping that the mess would subside and I could go to work today.

Not so much, as the fever kicked in Wednesday evening.

So, I am missing my first two days of work due to sickness this school year. I ALMOST made it a full 9-weeks without being sick. Hopefully this will be my only kiss of the flu this season!! And, most importantly, I hope my kids stay healthy - they are scheduled for their flu shots next week!

I will definitely be at work tomorrow since I have to export grades, but I highly recommend increased personal space when visiting my office!


OH NO!! Sorry you're so sick! What a fabulous Hubby though to do so much with the kids routines. You're one lucky gal. Hope you get all better VERY SOON!! =)
Courtney said…
Oh you poor thing! I am so sorry! That is NO FUN at all! We just had our flu shots this week... and we're staying inside all day!

Dang! I'm going to be in Houston at a quilters' fair or something like that with my MIL all day Saturday and wanted to see if you wanted to grab lunch.

Never mind! Don't want to see you! I'll just pray for you and your family instead and maybe ONE OF THESE days we'll get together! Maybe the zoo?

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