How To Make a Thomas the Train Pinata

...when you still can't find one after searching all the local stores, recoiling at prices online, and having no desire to experiment with paper mache.

Step 1, settle for a non-Thomas pull-string pinata in the right color scheme. Hi, Spidey! You are too scary and will soon be banished. (Bradley is scared of "the spidermans!") Only $8 at a party supply store.

Step 2, cover image with Stampin' Up! card stock in the very-nearly-Thomas-blue In Color, Pacific Point. Tape edges. The kids aren't going to notice it...they are three for goodness sakes!

Step 3
, make an old school compass thing. You know how the cute carpenters on DIY network always do it! Grab a string, ruler, and pen - make your circle to cover the scary scary Spiderman. Cut it out and glue to front of pinata with hot glue.

Step 4
, scan the front of your Thomas scrapbook. If your child is as obsessed as mine I know you have one.

Step 5
, smack some Thomas scrapbooking paper, your newly scanned and cropped Thomas photo, and a bunch of Thomas and Friends stickers (to hide the edges that don't quite match up perfectly and upon which is still visible parts of the spidermans.) to the pinata.

Step 6, repeat all this fun for the backside of the pinata.

All this and homemade cookies for school tomorrow. Of course, I won't be able to accept my "Mom of the Year" award because I'll be in the hospital all dehydrated and dying of the dang flu. Good night!


Courtney said…
Oh what us mothers will do.....

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