Day 95

After all the happy Easter stuff from yesterday we had a whole lot of trouble. Chloe was getting ready to feed Zeke around 5:45pm and he just snapped - he turned and bit her. Mike was right there and started screaming for me - I ran over, saw all the blood and grabbed a kitchen towel, put it on her face, and carried her to the foyer. There was so much blood. I told Bradley to get me the phone so I could call 911. I also had him get a blanket because she was shaking uncontrollably and I was worried about shock. He was a trooper and obeyed without question. After I got off the phone with them I called my sister and told her to come over immediately.

Erin, the EMTs, and the police all arrived at the same time. Chloe was stabilized and they said we could transport her to the ER or they could take her. Erin, Matthew (my brother), and I decided to take her ourselves. Mike waited behind to talk to the police and for my mom to watch Bradley.

We were at the emergency room until nearly midnight - and they couldn't close the wounds. They gave Chloe some Demerol and flushed the wounds out, packed them with antibiotic cream, and covered them. She had to start on an antibiotic before they could be closed because of the fear of infection from the dog's mouth (turns out they are NOT cleaner than ours). They also wanted plastics to work on her, and not just the ER doc.

This morning we went to the plastic surgeon's office and got her wounds flushed again. At 1pm she went in for plastic surgery. The surgery lasted about 30 minutes and she did beautifully. She has some external stitches and some subcutaneous ones. The smaller wound was glued and the other was left open. She was an angel for the nurses and only got mildly ill from the anesthesia. The anesthesiologist actually said he was interested in taking Zeke (because Lord knows I cannot keep him after this).

After I got Chloe back home, my sister stayed with her so I could take Zeke to Animal Control for his mandatory rabies test and behavior assessment. He was a complete angel the whole time, showed everyone all of his tricks, and stayed right next to me. They couldn't understand why I didn't want such a great dog.

Check out the 35 stitches on my daughter's face.

Chloe will miss all of this week from school (including her much anticipated kindergarten field trip to the zoo). Please keep her in your prayers and praise God that her eye is okay - there is actually a small puncture on her eyelid and those other ones right there next to it. It's a miracle that she is okay. She is very upset that we are getting rid of Zeke. She told me, "Jesus says to forgive and I forgive him. He made a bad choice, but you should forgive him."

Sorry, baby, but he has to go to Puppy Jail.


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