One week down...

Bradley (and his mama) have survived the first week of preschool. He's been dry in his big boy undies every day, and only had one poopy accident - which is amazing for only being out of pull-ups for a few weeks.

Every day his teachers send home a "daily learning activities" report that includes appetite, quiet time, disposition, items needed, and favorite activity of the day.

Every day he has had "I ate most" for appetite. His quiet time has been 1.5 hours every day. He hasn't needed any new items and his favorite activities have been science and art all week. His disposition has been funny to watch...

Monday: Quiet
Tuesday: Happy
Thursday: Chatty

I was worried that today would be "Energetic," but it was Cooperative. Whew!

He's adjusted well, and I'm sure I'll be okay, too.


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