More skirts for Chloe

I've really been busy with getting things ready at school, but when I'm not crazy over schedules, paperwork, and the like I've been sewing back-to-school clothes for Chloe. She loves to wear skirts, but I'm not spending a ton of money for trunk show clothes that it turns out I can actually make myself.

Before this summer my sewing experience consisted of basic scarves, blankets, curtains - straight stitches without any complicated patterns and such. But, I've really started to enjoy sewing! Since I don't have a serger (but will soon thanks to my darling friend, Lisa) it takes me a bit longer to finish the seams, but they still turn out quite nice.

It doesn't take much fabric - and I've done several in the same color scheme so that it's easy to buy tops to match. I haven't quite mustered up the courage to try making a top, though I've made a few pillowcase-style dresses. Here's a couple of my latest creations and I didn't use a pattern for either of them - I just made it up myself! Neither one took more than two hours to make.

Anyone have any suggestions for good places to get fun skirt/dress ideas? I've been using You Can Make This for some of my ideas. The little apron skirt I made a couple of weeks ago was done with a pattern from that site. Pretty good prices for some adorable clothes.

I can't wait to get Chloe dressed for school! :)


Very cute Abra! I especially love that second one! Bright pretty flowers :) She's gonna be so stylish this year!

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