Mama made it!

Today my sweet little baby boy started preschool, and I won't lie - I cried for a while. I intentionally left off my mascara and saved it for the ride into work because I knew I was going to be weepy. I just couldn't help it. I just kept picturing his fat little baby face...

June 2006

Where on earth did the time go? I know parents get all sentimental about their kids growing up so quickly, but seriously - how did this happen? I have to remind myself to cherish ALL the little moments. Potty training sucks, but before I know it he'll be picking out fixtures for his own house!

July 2007

I love having summers off because I'm able to be the stay-at-home mom (for the time that I can handle!) and do all those little things we take for granted. Deciding to snuggle in a heap for a family nap instead of going our separate ways. Picnics on the porch. Building forts. Sure, these things happen during the school year, but not nearly as often. With Chloe starting kinder later this month (don't even get me started with the drama that is going to be!) I know things are changing. The kids are changing. Their interests have changed so much even in the past 6 months. We are putting away most of the "baby" toys and just saving a few for when my niece or other little ones visit. I went through their closets this weekend and made huge piles to give away.

June 2008

I think it's harder because Bradley is such a big kid for his age. He's only three, but he wears size 5/6 and is really articulate. When I walked him into his preschool room today he was by far the biggest kid. Just looking at him you wouldn't guess he was only 3 - so we sometimes move him to "older" toys and activities. I reminded Mike the other day that we have to leave the board books for him because he's only 3 and not ready for bigger books, even though he's trying to read. I want him to stay my sweet little baby forever.

But, time keeps on tickin' and before you know it those fat little cheeks have leaned up, the big boy undies are on, and your baby is ready for school. Now, where are the tissues?

August 2009


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