Right there! Can't you see her?

Bradley has a new friend. Her name is Bally and she's 2 (but almost 3). She has purple hair and green eyes. The other day Bradley and Bally got on a train to take a trip to England. They had fun and ate lunch on the train. Today Bally was hiding in her house in the hole that doesn't have Tiger's Eyes in it. Then she came over and they played zooming cars together. Later Bradley got mad at me for not setting a place at the table for her, because she was hungry, too! She didn't go to church today because she had a headache. But, she felt better after a rest and went to visit Santa at his house. She's a busy girl.

Chloe never had a friend like Bally, so it's new ground for us. So far it's been pretty cute. My mom tells me that I had two special friends like this - Tom and Jerry. They were both mice, though, and they fit in my hands. Of course, I only worried about them when I had to carry them - always when I had been given a directive to do something. For instance, I couldn't pick up my toys! I was holding Tom and Jerry! I don't remember them at all, but I think it was pretty clever.

My sister, Erin, had a friend for a LONG time. His name was George and he lived under our couch. His favorite food was Coke. She obsessed over him for months. I would get in trouble for teasing George (like by throwing stuff under the couch at him) and Erin would hog all the toys because she AND George were playing with them.

Have your kids had any Invisible friends? Did you have any? Do you still have one? What were their adventures?


Oh yes, yes, yes! My oldest, who is now 21, had two that went everywhere she went. Penny and another one and they were great playmates. And then she surprised us with Megan Catherine...who was an adult and a secretary. Then our son (now 18) had two that had his same name and looked just like him. I often wonder about his creativity. Then our next daughter, now 14) had one named Mousie that was ALWAYS getting hurt. And then our youngest, now 11, had an entire family. It started with "Jeff Caver" and then his entire family...and Jeff even grew up and got married. It was amazing. The two that had the most elaborate playmates are the most creative as far as writing and both love, love, love to read.

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