Does she really ever stamp?

Because this blog certainly doesn't look like she does. I know, I know... I've been horrible about posting crafty stuff lately. I've just been SOOO busy!

I was working on a commissioned scrapbook for a customer for a while (it turned out stunning, but I couldn't share someone else's family with you). I wrapped a gazillions presents (and next year I'm doing something completely different - more on that next week). I started re-painting my kitchen (it was country blue when we bought the house, and I've tolerated it well, but it really MUST go!) a lovely warm, rich brown called "Antique Photograph." And I've been doing a lot of crafty stuff with my kids - we made a bunch of Candy Cane Reindeer, some pom pom bears and wreaths, and we have cut out a whole heap of snowflakes.

And I stink - I haven't taken pictures of ANY of those things!! YIKES! I DID manage to get a few good pics of Chloe at her First. Ever. Christmas. Performance. Let me tell you, it was so dang adorable! And I got some pictures of my kids and their cousins (we do a photo every year for my mom).

So, just look at these cuties, and maybe I'll post something crafty soon. But not tomorrow, I'm visiting a friend in College Station. :)

Here's all of the kids, note the lovely scarves I made for them! Lexi (10), Alec (6), Bradley (3), Chloe (4), Alyssa (16 months).

And here's Chloe the night of her Christmas program - she smiled here, but we could NOT get her to smile for the cousins photo.


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