Does anyone have Santa's direct number?

My darling, precious, brilliant 4-year-old daughter got written-up at school yesterday. Only in Pre-K and already visiting the Principal's office.... I can't wait for kindergarten!

After her teacher told me what happened, I went to the principal to get the write-up, which I had to sign (of course). I apologized and said I would talk to Chloe about her very poor decision.

Me: Chloe, did you get in trouble today?
C: Nope! I had a great day!
Me: You didn't have to go visit Ms. W?
C: Oh. Well. Yes.
Me: What happened?
C: Well, S, and me, and H got in trouble.
Me: What did you do?
C: I didn't do anything! S was coloring on the potty with a pencil.
Me: Did you color on the potty?
C: No, but I helped clean it.
Me: Chloe, what are you supposed to do if someone is making a poor choice?
C: Tell them to stop. We provoke one another to good works, right Mama?
Me: That's right. Why didn't you tell her to stop?
C: I was busy drawing on the wall.
Me: ...
C: I drew a boy! He's so cute!
Me: ...
C: An' I gave him arms and a BIIIIIG smile....
Me: Did your teacher know YOU drew on the wall?
C: No, we just cleaned the potty.
Me: And did you tell her it was you?
Me: Chloe, your teacher said you tried to blame someone else?
Me: Did you blame C?
C: He's always in trouble!
Me: Chloe, just because he's always in trouble, doesn't mean you blame him for something you did. That's lying.
C: The Bible says, "Do not tell lies." Speak the truth in love, right?
Me: Chloe, if you KNOW that, why did you do it?
C: I don't know! I didn't want to get in trouble. <sniffles and pitiful forced tears>
Me: That is inappropriate and unacceptable. You need to say sorry...

So, she prayed about it last night and told Jesus she was sorry and asked him, "Jesus, please don't tell Santa so he won't just give me a letter that says to be good and better and not draw on the wall."

She now has to earn back her favorite toys, which was another discussion altogether. I asked her what consequence she should earn for her decision to draw on the wall, and she said, "Well, I guess you should take something away."

Me: What should I take away?
C: Um. My very favorite toy...
Me: Which one?
C: The hippo in the toy bin. (The toys in the toy bin are in the playroom and not accessed as usual bedtime lovies, so she was playing me.)
Me: I think I need to take away something that you LIKE to cuddle with...
C: Oh, well definitely not my puppy! I never cuddle that puppy....
Me: While I appreciate your reverse psychology, it won't work. How about this - no stuffed animals tonight, and you can earn them back over the next few days as you show me and your teachers good choices and proper behavior?
C: I guess that's a good idea. Just don't call Santa.

This morning she wrote a note to her teacher that said "Sorry. From Chloe C."

And when I dropped her off I showed the morning aide where she had colored on the wall and told her that CHLOE needed to clean it. She said it was okay, and I insisted that Chloe be the one to do the clean up as it was a natural consequence.

She's NEVER drawn on anything but paper. She never did the whole crayon-to-wall thing most toddlers do. Gah. Vandalism and lying all in one day...

I'm ready for Christmas break.


*SIGH* first you had me laughing--what a CUTE little girl, and SMART too! But as I read on to see how you handled it, I'm in awe--I know you're thinking that's what gives us grey hair, Lol, but seriously, you are such a good parent!! I'm really proud of the way you handled that whole situation. I would HOPE that I would do the same in that case. BLESS YOU and your darling daughter, and Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!! =) Big Smiles and Hugsxx
Abra Leah Cross said…
Girl, that is TOTALLY just because I'm a teacher. :)

Thanks, though - we do work really hard at constructive parenting. :)
Courtney said…
Oh my what a smart cutie patootie! Vivian colored on the bathroom walls last year. I was so embarrased. You handled that well... I'd have a very hard time not laughing. Josh has to be mean for me, because I run out of the room with my hand over my mouth trying desperately NOT to be caught laughing! Ugh!

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