Stampers' Generosity!

Things have been busy at the Casa de Cross -not only have the kids been under the weather, but Mike left for England today - he will be gone for at least two weeks. It took a lot of shopping and planning to get him ready - he had never even been on a plane, let alone out of the country!!! And he and I have never been apart (in our nearly 10 years of marriage) for more than 4 days. I'm hanging in there - thanks to Skype!! We'll see how I do after a week, though!

But, to the point of this post - my Mom is extremely grateful for all the cards she has been receiving. They have not only made her room cuter, but have brightened her days more than you can imagine! She is doing SO much better - though her bruises still look pretty bad. She can walk around a bit, now, and she is not in as much pain. But, she still has very serious limitations and will be staying with me for at least two more weeks. (She is, by the way, incredibly stubborn and doesn't listen to me! At least I am certain of where I get that from!!) Here are some pictures of the amazing cards she has received.

The first three are from my bloggy friends - you can totally tell who they came from because of their distinct styles!!

This first one is from Kristine (click her name to visit her blog). Kristine and I have been blogging buddies for almost 2 years now! I love her whimsical style and all her adorable stamps!! I'd like to raid her craft closet and stamp about 500 images to color! She has two precious daughters who she is raising up to be just as sweet and kind as she is.

This one is from Courtney (click her name to visit her blog). Although I've only known Courtney in the blog world for a few months, it turns out we don't live that far from each other. We have big plans to meet up - if we can ever get our schedules to work! Her cards all have a sweet, simple elegance. I love that she is a woman of strong faith and she is willing to share the gospel with anyone who will listen. And her husband is a hottie fire fighter! ;)

This one is the last one from the online bunch. It's from Becca (click her name to visit her blog). I've also only known Becca for a few months, but WOW! Talk about inspiration!! Not only are her cards gorgeous, but her spirit just shines. She participates in a monthly Bible Verse Card challenge and the cards she creates are stunning. She's the kind of woman who will send your mother a get well soon card while she is recuperating herself! Yeah, she rocks. :)

These next few cards are all from members of my SU! family. :) I won't list their info because I'm not sure if they want their names and blogs available outside of our TOPICS! group.
The first one, though, I can tell you is by my fabulous upline, Penny. I was an EASY recruit since I called her and said I wanted to join SU! She hadn't even met me!!! But, there was a great recruiting special going on and I had heard through the local stamper network that her's was the downline to join. :) And I'm so very glad I did! Penny takes the time to call her downline member just to say HI and to always provide an encouraging word. She has tons of training opportunities for us, as well as get togethers just so we can love on each other. She also has the Card Brigade - TOPICS gals who send cards to members and their loved ones in need. Like my Mommy. :)

Aren't they amazing? My mom wants me to tell everyone THANK YOU! from her. She feels blessed to have so many people thinking about her and praying for her. And *I* want to thank you, too, because I think you are just awesome!


Courtney said…
1. I am so glad your mother is doing better. Stubborn, but better....

2. Look at all of those adorable cards! They are just gorgeous!

3. Hottie firefighter??? I shot my coke out of my nose. You crack me up!! LOL!

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