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I've often seen this on other blogs, but I've never done it before here. In fact, I've never requested cards before for any reason, but yesterday my mom (she turns 59 next month) slipped in the rain and fell and broke THREE ribs. She was in the hospital yesterday and I brought her home last night. Since she is older, they don't bind or splint the ribs because they worry about pneumonia. So, she is just going to be in tremendous pain for several weeks. She is stuck in bed, which is REALLY hard for her, and she is going to be on heavy duty narcotics for about a week. She is just miserable.

I had to rush her to the hospital yesterday and it killed me to see her crying - she is SUCH a strong woman and I'm still shook up. She's the kind of person who just doesn't sit - ever. She's always taking care of everyone else and never spending any time or money on herself. She is an amazing artist and interior designer. She crochets, sews, and decorates - but just never for herself!! She is a darling prayer warrior and she is constantly lifting others up with words of encouragement and prayers.

Anyway, she is going to be staying with me, so if anyone would like to send her cards I know it would really brighten her day - just email me for the address.

Thank you so much! Here are some pictures of my mommy....

This is my mom when she was 5...and the very next picture is of ME when I was 5. :)

This is my mom's high school graduation picture. Isn't she gorgeous?! All that hair is her own, too!! She was so young and full of hopes and dreams.... I don't think I've EVER been that skinny!!

This is her earlier this year holding my little niece for her christening.

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Elaine said…
Oh man!! I'm so sorry!! I will work on a card to send over to you! I have your address because I got the PIF!! I posted on my blog but won't do the 'choosing' until Saturday sometime.

Your mom is beautiful. I hope she gets better asap. Give her my best, and you take care also!

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