Forget the Magi!

I love (LOVE) decorating the Christmas tree(s) - we always have more than one. I use one for all my hand-crafted paper ornaments and display it in my workshop room. We have a main tree in the living which holds the bulk of our ornaments. And then we usually put little trees in the kids' rooms.

I enjoy unwrapping each ornament and finding the perfect place for it on the tree. I love the sparkle and shimmer of the glass in the soft tree light and the way the ornaments feel so delicate. This year my kids really helped for the first time and they did a great job and had a ton of fun. They didn't bunch any up and just like their mom liked to search out the best place for each bobble. I taught them how to put the hooks on the branches the right way, and how to showcase the special ornaments by a light, and how to hide Daddy's Star Wars ornaments at the back of the tree. Except for one.

I have this great collection of little glass ornaments of the nativity. There is Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, 3 wise men, 2 shepherds, and an angel. But, one can never be to careful about keeping the Baby Jesus safe, you know. One other ornament is always placed close by ready to defend the stable, just in case of a Wampa attack. It could totally happen.

And when it does, you have to break out the big guns...

Thanks, Boba.

Hey, at least we don't own THIS!!!


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