And they all played games...

Do you remember the Ladybug Picnic song from Sesame Street? You can check it out on YouTube HERE. I used to love those bugs. And I'm not really a fan of the many-legged.

My daughter, on the other hand, LOVES BUGS. I mean, she really really loves bugs. All bugs. Spiders. Flies. Ants. Worms. She is not afraid of any of them. Now, she knows that some bite and sting, but she still won't allow for the mindless slaughter of any creature while she is around. It's catch and release (and squish or spray when her back is turned!) at our house.

So, when it came time to chose a birthday party theme for Chloe's 4th birthday her choices pretty much surrounded creepy crawlies. When she suggested ladybugs - I immediately thought we could have a Ladybug Picnic. And so we are...

The ladybugs are purple because Chloe is red/green color blind and she wanted them to be in a color she likes. :)

These were actually pretty easy to make now that I have my very own Coluzzle. The are Lovely Lilac and Basic Black CS, BB brads, and some 3/4" punched circles. I highlighted the circles with Crystal Effects so they are nice and shiny. I printed the inside on my printer, so these didn't see ink nor stamp....I had to make a bunch, mind you!

Now I have to make the thank you cards!


:D WOW...this looks sooo CUTE in purple. She's a lucky girl ;p Happy 4th Birthday, Chloe!! (and what an adorable name it!)
Courtney said…
OH MY GOODNESS! Not only is this cute, but your daughter is, too!

My Vivian is exactly like that! She LOVES bugs, lizzards, snakes, all of it! She brought me a grass snake in her hands one day a couple of years ago. I freaked so bad she won't touch them anymore, just admires them from afar. hopefully. sigh.
Oh this is so very sweet! I've got to make one for my mom whose nickname is Ladybird :0) Thank you for sharing it! :0)
Hi Abra Leah!! I have your PIF ready to go, just email me your snail addy K?
Kelly L said…
These are so cute! Great idea. Kel

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