Baby bows

My Chloe has some wild, unruly hair - a mop top of boingy curls that I think might be sentient. They just don't ever seem to stay contained where she (or I) want them.

Now, most of the time we really don't care. In the mornings I usually just run a wide-tooth comb through her locks and off she goes. When we wash her hair, it actually goes half way down her back and dries into those darling curls. But, she's at the age now where she wants to have me DO her hair. She wants ponies, and bands, and barrettes galore. The problem is that her hair is so fine and so wild that we have yet to find barrettes that will stay put. So, I started making them for her myself.

I use simple styling clips (like for doing pin curls) and cover them with assorted ribbons and bows. Sometimes we just leave the ribbon if it's cute, and other times we add more ribbon and make ties or bows. Chloe loves having her hair done up and I like seeing her face and that all her barrettes match her outfits. :)

Here's one we just made yesterday with some SU! Certainly Celery grosgrain ribbon, a heart-shaped brad (Making Memories), some retired SU! turquoise ribbon, and a clip.

And here it is doing a marvelous job of holding back the wave of curls. She can wear them all day - they last through nap time and even playing outside. They have turned our bad hair days around! :)


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