The one about ribbon roses

Here is a little video tutorial on how to make ribbon roses, which I promised to do for you a few weeks (months...) ago. Sorry! It's here now, though, and I hope you learn something fun. :)

The pretty music in the background is what my toddlers listen to as they sleep at night. I play it in the hallway between their rooms so they can both hear it - great for keeping them calm, lousy for tutorial background music.

My darling baby brother (who is 5 inches taller than me and is somehow already 24 years old) hovered over my head to help me make the video. I love him.

I sound funny! :) Enjoy!


Swamp Tulip said…
Great tutorial. TFS.

Unknown said…
I've never even seen one of these, so great tutorial!
Sweet tutorial.....Thank You!!!
Michele Kovack said…
This is awesome!!! I am definitely going to give this a try!
This is so cool! Thanks for sharing how you made them. :O)

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