Happy New Year from the MIA stamper!

Since last we spoke, I've been busy. B-U-S-Y. Autumn ushered in a plethora of viruses for my Dynamic Duo and we spent more time on medicine than not. We had several urgent care visits and one ER extravaganza. In addition to all that super duper fun we moved...over Thanksgiving break...by ourselves...in the rain.

So, I've been slowly putting the pieces of my universe back together over the past few weeks and things are finally starting to resemble something of a shadow of what I would like them to be here at the new house.

There are pictures to share, promised videos and tutorials to upload, and bloggy news to catch up on.

So, if you haven't forgotten me, or you have been checking every now and then wondering where on earth I went - thanks! Sit back, have something warm to drink, and enjoy the next few posts of Very Little Talk and Lots of Pictures.


How'd I miss this one! LOVE IT!! :) Hope you're doing okay. Have a very Happy Valentine's Day!

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