Minutes to Memories

"My family and friends are the best thing I've known
Through the eye of the needle I'll carry them home
Days turn to minutes
And minutes to memories
Life sweeps away the dreams
That we have planned
You are you and you are the future
So suck it up and tough it out
And be the best you can"
~John Mellencamp

It might have been a minute or two since I last updated this blog.  Life, work, family....  It's been busy.  But, lately I've been working on crafting again as my own little form of therapy and I figured I might as well share here, too.

I can't promise I'll update as much as I used to back when the kids were little and life was easier (someone go back in time and tell me to savor those moments!!), but I'll definitely try.

Most of my craft projects are on my Instagram, but I can post a little bit more information here when needed.


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