Figgy Pudding

Both of my children put "figgy pudding" on their Christmas wish lists. I thought it was pretty cute that they were both interested in this old fashioned, traditional treat. So, I told them I would make it for them. But, what the heck IS figgy pudding? I started my quest on the Internet and basically found out that Figgy Pudding is a sort of steamed fruity cake. I found several "traditional" and "original" recipes and kind of combined them to make my own version (minus the steaming - no clue how to steam a cake). It tasted like a rummy, fruity, dense bread pudding. My kids were thrilled and everyone enjoyed it. (Except for my sister who I almost killed when I forgot I put pineapple in it. Sorry, sis - you can barely see the hives now!) Can't wait for next Christmas to make it again! :)


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