My brave little man

Things have not quite settled down over here. Bradley started running a fever on Friday and it didn't quit until Monday evening. We kept him home Monday and Tuesday, and he finally got to go back to school yesterday. My sister's family is still trying to recover (the funeral was Saturday and was a simply lovely tribute to Ray's quiet, but loving, life).

I've been incredibly busy at work, and today I was trying to do about 4 things at once when I heard my desk phone ringing. I was with someone, so I ignored it. Then my wall phone rang - "Mrs. Cross, can you please take a call - it's your day care. Your son has been injured." *chills* I got to my phone and called Robbyn immediately.

"Bradley fell, and he's okay - but we really think he's going to need stitches."

I'm so blessed to have family very close by, so my brother-in-law was able to be at the day care (where his baby goes, too) in less than 5 minutes to get Bradley and rush him to the Urgent Care Center (where my sister is the charge nurse). They got Bradley wrapped up like a burrito and were ready to work on him less than 45 minutes after he fell. At first the doctor thought they might be able to glue it, but he decided that a stitch would be more secure. He did the middle one and then had to help someone else, so my sister did the two end stitches.

And my little guy is so brave - he didn't even cry!! My mom met them up at the Urgent Care and brought our trooper back home to recuperate. And I was able to stay at work to get some important things done since the next TAKS test is next week. My brother is going to stay with him tomorrow. I don't know what on earth I would do without them.

The stitches should be in for a week or so and then he'll be back on the scooter ready to tackle the world. Hopefully he'll be wearing a helmet.


Elaine said…
Wow - BIG owies! I'm glad things turned out well and he's ok!

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